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The Choice Is Ours

“We’re always going to argue about abortions. It’s a hard choice and it’s controversial, and that’s why I’m pro-choice, because I want people to make their own choices.”- Hillary Clinton

Hillary makes an excellent point. I just don’t understand why our government is deciding to be so “pro-life” when it comes to an unborn fetus, basically a wall of cells but can’t be so pro-life when it comes to children getting shot because of our lack of gun laws. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I just don’t see how slaughtering live children (who have had years already out of their mother's womb) seems to be ignored but a woman choosing to not have a baby because she’s either unprepared for it or medically not stable enough to produce kids isn’t okay.

Abortion banning scares me. It actually doesn’t just scare me, it terrifies me. I’m afraid to grow up in a world without it. I’m terrified to know that if I ever had an unwanted pregnancy, I’d be stuck with a newborn baby at any age. Some people want to find a way to “just ban abortion for sexual assault victims”. There are numerous problems with that. The first one is that it can be impossible to even prove that you’ve been assaulted. Less than 7% of rape and sexual assault reports made resulted in a conviction. Imagine how many unwanted pregnancies resulted in that 7%. There is such a slim chance of actually receiving any justice. Also, by saying that a woman should only get a right to choose if she’s been sexually assaulted, you’re basically saying that the only time a woman should get to choose is if a man violates her body in some way. When you think about it like that, you see how such a “compromising” thought is actually so unfair and damaging. The human race clearly isn’t dying off or endangered in any way.

Abortions are a basic healthcare need for million of girls or women in the world that can become pregnant. It’s obvious it’s a need because people have been getting them forever. Before it was even legalized, women were getting them illegally in life-threatening ways. Because people were dying from complications, most abortions didn’t end safely. I truly believe that if the US takes away our right to abortions, women will revert to old, unhealthy ways. Banning abortions will not stop abortions, it will just stop safe abortions. Women don’t deserve to live in fear or have to find harmful ways to get what they need. If someone needs an abortion, there’s a very likely chance that they need one for a good reason.

The controlling of woman’s bodies has always been the greater political project of making sure we have people to fight in the war and take the jobs. I don’t think that the particular level of strategizing and political will from republicans to control women’s bodies has been met by the democratic party. We need to try harder.

Like I said before, it’s just a fetus for a lot of people. It isn’t a baby, it’s a part of a woman’s body in her eyes. If that’s how someone views it, they should have a right to that opinion, because it’s the reality for a lot of people. Others feel the exact opposite, so how do we know whose viewpoint is even right? I like to just stick to the facts when it comes to this. A woman has the choice to keep a fetus and let it grow into a child, but until the fetus is born it cannot possibly survive without the woman because it’s a part of her body. A woman’s right of being able to protect her own body is completely violated when you force her to go through growing something that she did not choose to have inside of her. More people need to understand what women have to endure during pregnancy, especially if they already have health problems such as medical complications, drug or alcohol abuse issues, or mental health issues that they do not wish to genetically pass to another human being.

Criminalizing abortion is a form of discrimination. It might sound so obvious, but it actually isn’t too subtle if you actually take some time to really think about it. It’s telling women that they can’t choose. If it were a man having to carry a child for 9 months and raise a child, abortions would easily be legal. It’s a man’s world, we’re all just living it. But that needs to change. Women need more than to just get by. We need and deserve to flourish the way a man does.

There’s evidence that leads researchers to believe that overall infant and maternal health will decline in the wake of abortion bans. Unintended pregnancies are associated with an increased risk of health problems for babies and often for mothers for many reasons-including reduced prenatal care. Abortion restrictions affect poor women the most because they’re left with few options to terminate a pregnancy. When left with little to no safe options, women will turn to unsafe measures to terminate a pregnancy. Safe clinics have already started to be banned in some places and have been shut down or removed. The first clinics to get removed happen to be the ones with less money or less support, leaving women with less money empty-handed. Instead of accessing a safe healthcare clinic in their community, poor women are now having to cross the border into Mexico to have an abortion, with no guarantee that the procedures are even safe.

I understand that America has made many great strides for females and our rights, but we still aren’t where we should be. In an ideal world, we would be able to say no to sex and be respected for it. We would be able to get an abortion, especially if we know that we can’t provide a good life for a baby. Even if we could provide the best life in the world, we should still have the right to say no to bearing children.


Our body is our only body, we have to make do with it and others need to respect it. We only get to make choices for our own bodies. Everyone gets to be in charge of one body each, their own. Sadly, that isn’t how the world works, so we women have to keep fighting for power over our own bodies. We will keep fighting until we’re finally heard because it sure has been a long and tiring fight, but it’s too late to give up now.

Thank you to all of my readers and subscribers, and welcome new ones! I understand that this is an extremely controversial topic, but I felt like this needed to be said. If you're interested in making a difference in woman's rights and supporting the pro-choice movement, the best you can do is vote. Vote for us, for our choices. If you're unable to vote, donate money to abortion clinics and organizations! You can also always protest. Don't be afraid to speak YOUR mind and YOUR truth.

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