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About Me!

Hey, I'm Arden and this is my blog, Mind Mapping. You could probably learn a lot about me from reading the posts, but there's some things that might not be as transparent through my posts. I LOVE sports and being active. My favorite sports are basketball, softball, and track. Weightlifting and going for long runs are some of my very favorite things to do. I quite obviously enjoy writing. Interestingly enough, I discovered my love of writing when I was in 1st grade and got my first writing notebook at school. I started writing stories daily. Each year, my interests in writing became more and more specific and tailored to my interests. I am on the other side of a pretty serious eating disorder, but that isn't who I am in the least bit. Why I mention this in the "About Me" column is because it's something that I often write about. I hope to inspire others with my story so they can make the beautiful leap of recovery, just like I did. If you're struggling with anything mental health related, I encourage you to read my posts. Knowing that you aren't alone can help more than you'd ever expect.

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