Hi! I'm the creator and author of Mind Mapping! I've been writing all of my life and am happy to be sharing my thoughts and experiences with all of you. Feel free to scroll down and check out some of my pictures and favorite memories. Click the button to the right or scroll down to get to know more about me personally.

About me


Know Thy Author

Hey! My name is Ardie! I'm a teenager and have a lot of different hobbies. I love sports. Some of my favorites are softball, basketball, and track. In my free time I like writing and weight lifting. When it's nice out, I prefer to do everything outside. I love spending time with my friends and I especially love animals. I write about almost everything; from important issues to articles about wildlife. I discovered my love of writing when I was in 1st grade and got my first writing notebook at school. I started writing stories daily. Each year, my interests in writing became more and more sophisticated. It evolved into journaling, then more complex stories, and finally I'm writing about everything I can. Recently, I've gotten a lot of my inspiration from podcasts I've listened to. I have a love of traveling and exploring. I love to hike, bike, and run different trails and take advantage of all of the free time I can get.