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I don't just limit my writing to mental health though. There's a lot more to me and there's definitely a lot more to the world (although sometimes it can be easy to forget)! I write about some of my most beautiful experiences, society issues, and more. It's hard to put this blog into a specific category, but sometimes things don't need to be black and white.

About Mind Mapping

Welcome to Mind Mapping! I write about many different things but mainly focus on my journey through my eating disorder and my takeaways from those experiences, but Mind Mapping isn't just for those struggling with an eating disorder. My goal of this blog is to spread awareness of mental health and society as a whole. I want mental health to be treated for what it is; health. It shouldn't be stigmatized and we shouldn't have to hide our struggles, and that's what I hope to showcase through Mind Mapping.


 Readers are welcome and encouraged to give ideas for my next topic of writing or voice your own opinions on a post, so don't be shy and give me some ideas in the comments, through the forum, or via email. I love feedback, it helps me continue doing what I love!

Mental health

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